The Women’s Choice Award is recognized as The Voice of Women. In today’s cluttered market, consumers have more choices than ever before and less time to do their homework. The Women’s Choice Award allows women to choose with confidence, knowing that other women across America have tried and experienced that brand or service and would highly recommend it to their family and friends. The seal allows women to help other women make smart choices for themselves and their families. 

This seal signifies that 9 out of 10 women highly recommend CUGINO'S Soups. In fact, we received a 98.6% recommendation rate! From the beginning, Cugino's was never about getting rich, we wanted to make an incredible product at a competitive price. We were honored to know that the very people we exist to serve agreed that our quality, price, and health attributes were up to the standard set by the female consumer. 

So to our female customers everywhere, thank you for supporting our product. We vow to continue bringing the same, high-quality products to the shelves of stores everywhere to simplify and excite your culinary repertoire!