it's A party waiting to happen

Quick and convenient party Dipz that come to life by simply mixing them with a 16 ounce sour cream. As with any of the tasty products by CUGINO'S Gourmet Foods, each of these addicting party dips are craftily seasoned with just the right amount of fantastic flavor. Reward yourself and treat your family and friends to something special at your next gathering. Mix a couple up and serve with a nice assortment of fresh, healthy cuts of veggies or your favorite types of gourmet crackers, pretzels or chips.

What's so great about our DIPZ?

- Gluten Free (Not Certified) - All-Natural Flavors - Healthier Snack Alternative - Lower Sodium - No MSG - Zero Trans Fats - Low Calories - Easy Preparation - Multiple Uses (Salad Dressing, Spreads, Dipping Sauces, Salsas) - Quality Ingredients - Bold Taste - Great Accompaniment to Veggies, Snacks, and Sandwiches -

The Silly Dilly was marvelous and I want more. I bought it when I was traveling. It was so good. Thank you for being in business.
— Joan, Maryland –
I bought a package of the garlic dip this past summer. Made it when I got together with my cousins… WE ALL WERE CRAZY ABOUT IT! I drove 50 miles to the town I bought it in yesterday. Thanks for a great product….
— Rebecca, Minnesota –
Your Onion Wonion Dip is top notch (and does not have added MSG like competitors). Flavor very good, easy to prep and price is right...
— Chuck, Minnesota –
Oh my!! Just did some home French fries. I tossed some of the Garlic Schmarlic DIPZ mix on them. I just sprinkled it on my freshly deep fried French fries, and tossed them. A great taste sensation!!
— Sally, Kansas –