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Do the nutrition facts account for the added ingredients?

The Nutritional facts on our label only refer to what is contained within the package. Any additional items added to make the soup/dip also needs to be calculated in when trying to determine the nutritional information for the item to be served. 

Why is Cugino’s no longer in my local Walmart/Grocery store?

Although we are a National brand, retailers authorize items on an individual account basis. It is unfortunate that annually, grocery buyers make changes to categories which include Soup.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the very best quality Soup and currently have our sales team working on having them available to you conveniently again. We apologize for your inconvenience in locating our product.

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Where can I find CUGINO'S Soups?

Although we are a National brand, we are working on market to market distribution with dominance in the Midwest.

For a detailed list of our major retailer locations, try using our STORE LOCATOR page by clicking the button below!