Can I make the soup in a Crockpot?

All of our soups are designed to cook in 25 minutes or less on the stovetop, however, we have had customers tell us that the non-cream based soups work great in the crockpot.

Do the nutrition facts account for the added ingredients?

The Nutritional facts on our label only refer to what is contained within the package. Any additional items added to make the soup/dip also needs to be calculated in when trying to determine the nutritional information for the item to be served. 

Oil leaked from my jar. Is it still okay to eat?

Sometimes in the shipping processing some of the olive oil can leak out. The product is still good. Due to the nature of this product it is not a vacuum sealed item (which is why it requires refrigeration at all times) and this can occur.

Why is Cugino’s no longer in my local Walmart/Grocery store?

Although we are a National brand, retailers authorize items on an individual account basis. It is unfortunate that annually, grocery buyers make changes to categories which include Soup.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the very best quality Soup and currently have our sales team working on having them available to you conveniently again. We apologize for your inconvenience in locating our product.

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Do I have to wait for the water to boil before I add the contents of the pouch?

No. The back of the pouch currently instructs you to add all ingredients into the pot right away and let them all cook together. 

An alternate cooking method is to let the water come completely to a boil and then add all the ingredients. This way the soup only needs to cook for 10-15 minutes and then let cool for an additional 5 (or until all dried ingredients are soft).

Why buy CUGINO'S over other dried soup brands?

We feel our soups are an upgrade to current product offerings. We have more unique flavors such as our French Onion, Chicken Enchilada and Lemon Chicken & Rice, to name a few.

We are also the healthier alternative. We use quality ingredients like Sea Salt for a more natural sodium.

Do your soups have MSG?

Our soups have no added MSG

(naturally occurring MSG does exist in some ingredients)

Are your soups Gluten Free?

Our Soups have not been tested and therefore are not certified gluten-free although some gluten-sensitive consumers have not had issues with them once they’ve reviewed ingredients.

Can I "Just Add Water?"

Yes, some of our soups can be made with “just water” but our aim is to offer you the best restaurant-style homemade tasting soup possible. Adding simple ingredients guarantees that and much more.

The Soups that work best with a "Just Add Water" option are:

- Chicken Noodle Knockout

- Baked Burgundy French Onion

- Perfect Potato

- Creamy Cheddar Broccoli

- Lemon Chicken & Rice

Where can I find CUGINO'S Soups?

Although we are a National brand, we are working on market to market distribution with dominance in the Midwest.

For a detailed list of our major retailer locations, try using our STORE LOCATOR page by clicking the button below!

Is it still good after the expiration date?

We suggest you consume it within the expiration date for an optimal homemade taste. We cannot recommend using past the date.

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