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Meet Aunt Terri

Seventeen years ago, Terri was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Because of the tumor, Terri experienced multiple seizures and had to put her career as a teacher on hold. After attempts at chemo and radiation failed, Terri agreed to surgery that reduced the seizures and she was able to resume work, (but only as a substitute teacher). Her family was able to finally catch up with the medical expenses and get back to the normalcy of life.

Recently, they discovered the tumor had come back in a new location. This location was more central, so they opted for Proton Radiation, as surgery was riskier.
After the Proton Radiation treatment was complete, Terri was able to return to substitute teaching. But soon she started to fall in class. These falls forced her again to stop teaching. This was the beginning of a new problem.

While the radiation contained and reduced the tumor, it also appears to have injured part of Terri's brain. It's our understanding that this side effect is called Radiation Necrosis. (commonly called scar tissue) Radiation Necrosis is relatively rare, but when it does occur, it can have a crippling effect on the body and brain and is difficult to overcome.  The scar tissue damage is on her right temporal lobe, which causes confusion, erratic behavior and the loss of her left side.

Terri is now fighting just to accomplish some of the most ordinary functions of a common day. The help that Terri is getting from her family and friends is worth applause, but the amount of Medical care, Therapy and Attention that she needs is overwhelming.

So we created this GO FUND ME page.  Funds will pay for Terri's hospital stays, rehab, medical tests, home care, drugs, etc. Even with insurance, the bills are way beyond her family's ability to pay.  

Any contribution that you can make will be greatly appreciated! With your help, along with all of our prayers, that wonderful person that Terri truly is, will get the care that she needs and some quality of life.

Thank you so very much....Terri's family

Being that Terri is a close relative to the owners of the company, Cugino's has contributed in many financial and attentive ways. Owner Debbie Hochstatter has humbly spent many hours physically being there for Terri at visits to the doctor, physical rehabilitation appointments, providing at home care, and everything in between. Her family thanks her for the amazing effort and care she has so willingly and tirelessly put into helping Terri. It is with extreme gratitude and love that we thank anyone who has or is able to help toward her situation.

Thank you