First and foremost, Cugino's is all about Family. We're a family-owned company that loves supporting other families. We love helping Mom and Dad look like rockstars in the kitchen! We also know that convenience should never come at the cost of health or quality for you or your children

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all your awesome products.  They make my family’s day so much better.  Your products are so good we hate to ever buy anything but it.  As a father of 6 I want to also thank you for keeping your prices low in times like these."
 - Author, Ohio – December / 2013


Cugino's goes to great lengths to make sure that we are the best-tasting soup on the market. We wouldn't be 'making new fans one taste at a time' if the taste wasn't as spectacular as it is. First and foremost, we want to bring that homemade, quality taste to your own kitchen.

"I am 85 years old and have made soup all my life. My daughter-in-law made yours and brought it for me to try. It’s better than any soup I have ever made."
- Mary, Michigan – March / 2014


Every Cugino's product is built on simplicity. With the addition of as little as one simple ingredient, a meal can be done quickly without sacrificing on quality. No experience required to make homemade-tasting meals with Cugino's products.

"My family eats your soups every Sunday for the entire 16 weeks of football. I have two teenage boys, and their friends who all eat a lot and often. Thank you very much for making wonderful, healthy soups that are easy and quick!"
- Kristi, Illinois – November / 2013


We recognize our responsibility to be active participants in our local communites. We believe in giving back and we donate a portion of our profits to a wide variety of community and non-profit organizations. 

"I want to thank you so much for all you do. I get your products at the local food pantry. If it was not for you and your generous donation, my family and I would have many nights without dinner. What you have is so good and thank you so much for all you do. It’s so very much appreciated in more ways than one."
- Susan, Illinois – July / 2014

Being the family owned and operated company that we are, we are also donating proceeds and spreading awareness of our deeply loved sister Terry Deligio.

Healthier choice

Cugino's always strives to make sure that taste and convenience don't come at the cost of good health. We aim to keep all of our products free of unnecessary additives. In comparison with our competition, we confidently stand out as the healthier choice.

"Your soup is awesome-It’s better than (competitor), less sodium and more flavors. It’s better for you, and you put your toll free number on the packaging. I found it at Menards but will check my Walmart too."
- Lori, Indiana – December / 2013

excellent Customer Service

We make a special effort to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers by being available to answer their questions. We do our best to provide quality service and quality products under extreme quality control. We aim to keep our customers happy in hopes of gaining their long-term loyalty to the CUGINO’S brand.

"I must write and let you know this is the BEST product I have bought (French Onion Soup and Lemon Soup). I am so excited to have found your website so that I could just let you know."
- Phyllis, Pennsylvania – December / 2014

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